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Sun, Jul. 29th, 2007, 11:43 am
Boredom = Boring

I'm in a slump. I'm bored! Or disinterested? Tyler was supposed to come back yesterday, but the alternator in his car died, and thus he can't drive back. Until it gets fixed. Which won't be until Monday, at the earliest. Which means he won't be back here until Tuesday, at the earliest. And I leave Thursday for Lake Gaston with Torian. And by the time I get back from the lake, Tyler will already have flown out to California. Now I have kind of lost interest in talking to him. I think it's just easier that way, I don't miss him as much when we don't talk, and I don't want to wallow in missing him, considering I probably won't see him before I leave and therefore won't see him until the end of August.

In the meantime, I'm stuck in purgatory with Jess + Scott. Today's their two year anniversary. Honestly? Shoot me. I had NO idea she'd be stuck up his ass this long. She swore she'd make time for me this summer, and that Scott wouldn't be here ALL the time. Failure to live up to both these statements? Yes. We have spent time together TWICE. And by time together, I mean we went shopping for a few hours. Lame? Yes. And Scott IS here all the time. He went home for three days, once.

But you know? I'm pretty much over it. I am done feeling bad about the fact that we are no longer friends, merely roommates. I can't change it, she is the one who would have to make changes, and she won't. So there it is. And I wish she WOULD try to hang out with me again as soon as Scott leaves. Because I have the perfect line prepared to throw in her face. yeahhhhh

Incidentally, I hadn't told her I was going to the lake with Torian, I was just going to say I was going home. For some reason I didn't want to make her feel left out? *snort* Why I felt the need to spare her feelings, I do not know. But skuh-rew that. I am all about telling her now.

I don't mean to sound so full of anger. Or angst, at the least. This is all just frustration built up slowly that needed a sudden outlet.

They went to the beach today to "celebrate" the anniversary. It's cloudy outside, and I can't help but get satisfaction out of the fact that it's probably going to rain on them.

Sun, Jul. 29th, 2007 07:16 pm (UTC)

spiteful mallory is funnier than she realizes
tell her i say hi <3