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Sat, Oct. 6th, 2007, 10:45 pm

This is my straightforward and happy LJ post.

I don't feel like senior year is going by too fast, which is nice, because I don't want to waste one minute. Classes are going well, I have a straight up A- in every class so far, which is not too shabby considering all the work + reading I am NOT doing.

My senior recital is slowly taking shape, and I haven't started to get too stressed yet. I know come spring semester I will be terrified, but that's a bridge I'll cross later.

Torian is 6 months pregnant now, and she decided to use my middle name as her daughter's middle name, which makes me feel pretty special. Caedence Rae Keller! It's crazy seeing her stomach getting rounder and rounder and seeing the grainy black and grey slides of her baby floating around inside her. I've never actually been part of a pregnancy before, I don't even remember anything about my sister in law being pregnant with my niece. It's kind of mind-blowingly miraculous. And I'm so so proud of her for choosing to have this child, I wish there was some non-Lifetime movie way to tell her what an inspiration she is.
I won't lie, there is a part of me that wants to be pregnant and experience everything she is right now, because I've honestly never seen her happier or more excited. But that's not something I can go around saying - I mentioned it to Tyler and he flipped out, as if I was somehow asking him to impregnate me. I don't think college guys take kindly to pregnancy talk. Ah well, my time will come eventually!

My relationship with Jess continues to improve. The weird thing is, she is having problems with Scott now and rather than swooping in and urging her to break up with him (as I would have pictured myself doing), I have pretty much kept my mouth shut and told her to make sure she does what makes her happy. Practically all of her sorority sisters are single and out partying it up like only singles can, and I think she wishes she had that degree of "freedom," but I don't think it's what she REALLY wants. I think it's just what she thinks she wants since she's the only one in a relationship. The grass is greener kind of thing. Anyway, I choose to see that an inch of personal growth.

It's 11 pm on a Saturday night, and I think it's time to go out and about :)